Eliminate Your Type II Diabetes Risk, Add Years To Your Life - Edition 2015b

Diabetes Risk Evaluation And Elimination- An Educational Tool ©

This website evaluates your approximate probability of type 2 diabetes based on you age, weight, health, genetics, nutrition, activity and lifestyle factors.

Type 2 diabetes can usually be easily avoided by making changes to weight, nutrition, activity and lifestyle factors.

400 million people have diabetes, more than 1 billion are prediabetic, and 1 person dies from diabetes every 6 seconds.

This website makes recommendations to reduce your diabetes risk easily and substantially and predicts your gain in life expectancy

The average reduction in diabetes risk is more than 90% and increase in life expectancy is greater than 5 years

Symptoms are also included since many cases of diabetes are undiagnosed

This program is not medical advice and is not recommended for diabetics

Start adding years to your life by selecting the Take the Test tab above. Select the Instructions tab for instructions on how to take the test.